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A resource for Birth, Marriage, and Death (BMD) information, and more.

There is over 2Gb of information on this site, almost 700 documents relating to Ireland alone. There are hundreds of pages I have yet to put a link to, so you may find that it opens an old style web page, or even simply a word document. I would strongly recommend searching for specific names, or information using the search engine below. The results will open in a new window.

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer maintain this website, but with almost 1M visitors to date, and up to 5,000 visitors still looking every month, I have decided to leave it running so it can be of help to all the budding genealogists out there J

If you wish to get in touch with me you can contact me at my latest website which is centred on my new career as a creative writer.

Phil Owens October 2015



You can search the whole web from the results page

  • Limited lookups available, check to see what Parish Records / Directories/ Census I have


  • General help and advice on Genealogical problems, and assistance with Family Tree queries


  • Directories of Pipemakers, Taverns and Landlords, Gardeners, and Butchers
  • There is a large collection of information on Ireland for those looking for their Irish Ancestors, covering census', Births, Marriages, Deaths, and general historical information, including many directories
  • A growing collection of Welsh information
  • Get new Certificates that I own at cost of P&P


  • Message Board facility - Post questions, and hopefully get answers
  • Explanation of historic Job Titles along with Latin names for people and places 
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Under "My Family Tree" you will find specific information for the family names of Owen(s), Carey, Croft, and Rourke (including variations such as O'Rourke). This is information from various census, Pallots, and Births, Marriages, and Deaths (BMDs). The information is mainly concentrated on the Lancashire, and Cambridgeshire regions, but others are included where relevant to my family names.

Only details of my ancestors who were born before the mid 1800s are listed on this site. For trees and details of my ancestors please go to and request membership.


All the information on this website is believed to be in the public domain and be free of copyright. If you feel that this is not the case, and there are any records which you believe are under copyright, or have been reproduced here without permissions/the correct acknowledgements, please contact me with the details of the file.

This website is provided free of any charges, with only a small amount of advertising. Its intended use is for anyone researching their family history. If you wish to use any sections within the site on your own pages, please contact me.

Commercial use of anything on this website is strictly prohibited.


Latest Updates to the Website:

26th January 2010

I have started doing a bit more work on the Welsh section of the site. I am slowly working my way through the marriage bonds for the Bangor Diocese, and splitting them out into the Groom's Surname. I have completed up to C so far, but as this contains over 5,000 names it's a bit slow going

I have also started helping out, and doing some transcribing for the Lancashire Online Parish registers. This is an excellent site for records pre 1837.

21st January 2010

Ive finally got off my a***e and started doing a bit more investigation, and updating of the website. New/amended features are:

          Removal of all ancestors/relative details from present day to mid 1800s. This is for reasons of privacy.

          I have set up a new site that details my family tree, all 1,500 (almost) of them. If you are related, you can request membership at

          I have purchased some more parish records, the updated list can be found on the Lookups page, or here:

          Regarding lookups, due to the exceedingly high volume I havent managed to get through them all. Id suggest if you want one, then please re-email me. Pretty much all of my Irish information is now on the site, so I wont be able to help much further with those anymore.

3rd March 2009

I've now added a news feed for any UK Genealogy news.

Also completed the uploading of the Pallot's Birth information for Owen, Owens, Croft, and Carey. You can find this under the My Family Tree page.

22nd February 2009

Completed conversions and additions of Kerry, Kilkenny, and Laois. Please let me know if there are any errors.

15th February 2009

Completed conversion of Dublin, Fermagh, and Galway. Please let me know if there are any errors.

12th February 2009

Added a page for Histon Marriages, you can find this under Useful Information link.

10th February 2009

I've had contact from another website owner, and it looks like the information I had on Donegal was lifted straight from their site. So, I have removed all of that for now, and placed a link to their excellent site instead, it's a lot better laid out than mine anyway :-(  If anyone else notices anything similar, then please let me know straight away.

8th February 2009

I've completed the swap over of County's Donagal, and Down. Please use the Contact form to let me know if there are any problems.

4th February 2009

I've now set up an Instant Messaging link, just below the menu. So, if I'm online you can ask me a question, and hopefully get an answer straight away.

23rd January 2009

I've managed to set up a sub site for the Irish information. This has proved a little problematic, mainly making sure all the links point to the right places, but I think I've got it sorted now. Please let me know if there are any bad links.

I've started moving across the Irish County pages, but please bear with me, it's slow progress.

21st January 2009

I have now moved over the Griffith's Valuations for County Clare. There is a separate page for each letter of a surname. These pages are fairly small by today's standards; the biggest is about 1.4Mb.

Also completed the latest version of my family tree on web pages.

19th January 2009

I am currently looking at re-writing the site in a package. Most of this site has been written in a mixture of Notepad, and MS Word. The problem with that is that it is extremely difficult to update it, every time I want to add an item throughout the site; I have to edit every single page.

If there are any requests for features, then please let me know and I will try to incorporate them.

17th January 2009

I have started to produce a blog for those who might be interested. It will be a weekly summary of things I have done for the website, along with any other items of personal interest, or my ramblings.

I have had two reviews for my book, and they can be read at Never Without a Book, and Confessions of a Bibliophile

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20th December Many apologies to those who have mailed me with a question recently. I have been very remiss in keeping this website up to date. I have been preoccupied with another project, and that was writing my first book. If you like dog stories, then you might like to preview the book here, and if you like it, please feel free to purchase a copy.

Wishing all my visitors a very happy Christmas. I will be back to the website in the New Year.

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10th August Finally finished another update, this took some time to trasnscribe. Under Welsh Data you can now find all the marriages from Bangor Diocese, plus any where the groom or bride came from there. Note this is an 8Mb page and has over 5,000 marriage records on it, so may take a while to load.

5th June 2008 - Added family names Carey, and (O)Rourke to the 1841 census details

4th June 2008 - Added listings of family names for the 1841 Census. Covered so far are for all residing in Liverpool Owen (402 names), and Owens (796 names). These can be found under the "My Family Tree"  link.

4th June 2008 - Added this a few days ago. A short explanation of the Birth, Marriage, and Death (BMD) registers, this can be found under the new Research Info link.

25th May 2008 - Added a new section called Research Info. I will be adding pages giving tips, and help, for researching your Family Tree. I've started with the 1841 census for England, detailing what you can expect to find, plus listing all the missing parishes.

24th May 2008 - I'm afraid I've had to make changes to the "Message Board" so that only registered users can post. I'm spending too long each day deleting the spam. It's a shame that the few spoil it for the many.

24th May 2008 - Many thanks for all your support, we've now had over a 100,000 hits since the beginning of the year. Here's looking forward to the quarter of a million mark.

17th May 2008 - Lots of updates today. This one is a listing of all the residents on the 1841 Caernarvonshire census that are residing in Clynnog. This can be found under "Welsh Information"

17th May 2008 - Transcribed records from Pallot's Baptisms. Names covered so far are: Owens, Owen, Carey,  and Croft. You can find this under "My Family Tree".

17th May 2008 - Collated all the CAREY's and O'ROURKE's from Griffith's Valuations (1848 - 1864), over 1,200 individuals. This can be found under the Irish Data link.

17th May 2008 - Added some marriages from the Caernarvonshire Parish Records these can be found under the "Welsh Information" link.

17th May 2008 - A large update. I've finished the C's, D's, and E's for St. Andrew the Less Birth, Marriage, and Burial information.

15th May 2008 - Changed some of the BMD pages from spreadsheets to web pages

15th May 2008 - Added the B's for the Cambridge St. Andrew the Less Births, Marriages, and Deaths. A large one, over 10Mb and over 11,500 names.

15th May 2008 - I Have updated my list of records (Parish Records, Census', Directories etc.) You can find them under the "My Family Tree" link.

13th May 2008 - I've started a surname listing for all Birth's, Marriages, Banns, and Burials for St. Andrew the Less of Cambridge. This covers all entries from the parish registers from 1599 to 1950, and also covers St. Paul, St. Philip, and St. Barnabas. I've uploaded a webpage covering surnames beginning with A so far, this will take some time as A is over 3,000 individuals. The pages can be found under the "My Family Tree" link.

6th May 2008 - Details from Boyd's Marriage Registers, all of my family names, and maybe some of yours too :-). You'll find this under "My Family Tree" link.

5th May 2008 - Finally got around to do a bit more work. I've created a new section for those looking for their Welsh Ancestors, you'll find it under "Welsh Information". I'm starting with a village in Canaervanshire called Clynnog Fawr, but I will be expanding this. The first section is all the marriages from 1757 to 1837 that were either at Clynnog Fawr, or the Groom came from there.

15th January 2008 - A large collection of Latin related pages, including old place names, surnames, and Christian names. These can be found under the "Useful Information" section

14th January 2008 - Updated the Message Boards, these now have a Calendar for Family History Fairs and other Genealogical events. There is also a new section dedicated to Irish queries.

2nd January 2008 -  First update of the New Year, and hope you all have a good one. A directory of Taverns, including the landlord and/or landlady. Just started Nottinghamshire for 1828/9.

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